Tower EN
  • Support with the implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Support with the market entry of regulated companies
  • Advice on company relocations
  • Advice on the restructuring of companies (Switzerland/Liechtenstein)
  • Support for start-ups, FinTechs, SMEs
  • Blockchain consulting
  • Strategy and management support
  • Assumption of critical and mandatory functions
    (temporary or long-term; e.g. board of directors mandates)
  • Administrative relief and support
  • Monitoring of tax planning
  • Coordination of estate planning
  • Monitoring of corporate and fiduciary services
  • Support with real estate investments
    (excluding investments in real estate shares or funds, etc.)
  • Concierge Services
  • Preparation of client documentation (incl. KYC/KYB)
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Risk analysis (clients, business partners, structures and transactions)
  • Support of banking relationships in Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • corporate governance
  • anti-money laundering (AML) compliance
  • In-house compliance (mandate review, reporting, employee training etc.)
Tower EN
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